Having trouble keeping your Chia database in sync? Database corruption leading to days or weeks of syncing? These Chia database torrents might help you out.

I had the same problem myself, and tried to backup the database file like I would most things. Unfortunately it snapshots and deduplicates incredibly poorly, as much of the file changes almost immediately after restarting. Given that I can’t be the only one having these problems, I extended my backup script to create torrents of the database when I snapshot it. These files are added to my local torrent client and a cloud seedbox. The cloud seedbox currently has 100Mbps connectivity, which I will upgrade if these torrents see traction. Seeding after you download would be greatly appreciated if you can spare the bandwidth.

My Chia database gets backed up once every 29 days, so I’ll update a fresh link here then. Each torrent is named chia_blockchain_v2_mainnet_$HEIGHT, where $HEIGHT is the maximum height of a full block in that database. I can’t make any guarantees about this snapshot. It’s pulled by stopping my live farmer instance, snapshotting the disk, and creating the torrent immediately from that snapshot. Use this file at your own risk, but I hope it helps!

Height 2278003

Created 19/06/2022, 13:37:28 - magnet link 🧲 / torrent file

Height 2139704

Created 19/06/2022, 13:37:28 - magnet link 🧲 / torrent file

Height 2003976

Created 21/05/2022, 01:49:09 - magnet link 🧲 / torrent file

Height 1870408

Created 22/04/2022, 02:54:31 - magnet link 🧲 / torrent file

Height 1727168

Created 22/03/2022, 00:59:47 - magnet link 🧲 / torrent file